Style File: One SuperHot DiscoB*tch

This Fag Hag is hella fierce; I am just in awe of how effectively a simple baggy jumper, mini-skirt (high waisted, I’ll wager) and midi-heels can cut a nostalgic silhouette, reminiscent of mums (other people’s, of course) at my playgroup in the early 1990s. Aside from baggy jumpers, leggings and trainers, it’s definitely the shape I wanna be channelling for the next few months. The combo of baby pink and baby blue geometric cutouts against black works a treat, as do the killer pose and the lashings of gold jools including the rather witty beef-chain anklet. And the blonde hair and clashy green background almost gives the pic a spinoff fifties feel. 




Diva-in-question? Zahra Swanzy, a.k.a. $wanzy, designer, DJ, entrepreneur, and one-third of painfully cool, all-girl grime outfit Rope Chain $piller Kidz, formed with a friend, Margreezy, and a sister, Bishara. While it all started out as a bit of fun, according to $wanzy, from what can be seen on MySpace of music recordings and collaborations, and a funky fresh look of photoshoots, the $piller Kidz have got a lot more than that to give, and hopefully they’ll stick around for a while longer. Check ’em out at a London venue near you soon. But she doesn’t stop there; Swanz Fly, online store for her own designs and choice jewelery; the site is currently under construction, but a new collection debuted on her blog, Swanzyland, modelled by Zahra’s kid sister and her mates. Finally, she’s a big part of Beautiful Olde Vintage, a collective gathering unwanted vintage pieces and stitching them up into 21st century style. Truly, an inspiration to a generation.





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