How to Rock in Summer


Source: Jane M @

Source: Jane M @


Girls with a fierce tomboy edge suit the rock look no end. Even in heels and a skirt, you can keen things tough with biker jackets, a chain or two and plenty of kohl. But come summer time, things start to feel a bit heavy and sweaty, especially with all those dark colours going on, and you feel pressured to try out that whole floaty cute little girlie thing, especially with swarms of other chicks doing it and looking, frankly, enviably comfortable and cool. Well don’t; we need to stick to our guns, people, cuz there ain’t nothin’ tough about a floral maxi-dress. And aside from baring a lot of flesh, the answer is…. white. Yes, it really is that simple.


Well, not just white; you’ve already got your bleached denim hotpants, swapped your blacks for a few greys and found some hot studded gladiator sandals – but is it still looking a bit too dark and gothic for summer sunshine? Time to bring in some white! White will lighten up the colour palette in one fell swoop, without having to introduce pastels and ruin the mood, and works best just here and there, as too much white worn together isn’t that rock and looks a bit, well, J-Lo. However, accessories, especially a white bag and shoes combo is a good summery base to an otherwise dark outfit, and other touches like nails and headscarfs will bring up the rear. And another good one, of course, is lace – oh so 80s, dark enough for us and cool in both senses of the word – what more could a girl want?


Source: Krystal B @

Source: Krystal B @


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