Genius: I’m greeeeen with jealousy!



Oh, she does it again. Our Lady of GaGa, Fag Hag and fashionista extraordinaire, brings home yet another golden award for services to lunacy with this, the Kermit coat and headpiece. The diamante eyelids are freakin’ hilarious. It illustrates nicely what I was saying about Beyowolf and not playing the sexy (for men) image too much – although all things sexual play a massive role in Miz GaGa’s wardrobe, also being totally outrageous and original does too, and she knows when she wants to turn on which tap. Downright defines diva, that girl. Here she is in another cartoon creation, the lesser spotted monster skirt.


See the below snap. But this isn’t can-i-be-sexy-please-daddy? a la hogan, spears, et al. This is about as bold a statement of sexuality as you can get. This is Fag Hag / Tranny level of sex. 


Reminds me of this pair of jokers who were on the door at the Emma Bell show in London Fashion Week in March. Note the coat (left) and shoes (right). I dream of one day fantasising (with some scrap of authority) that I inspired some GaGa ensemble.



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