The Ugly Sexism of Cinema


The poster for the new flick The Ugly Truth pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with rom-coms, as in that they are packed full of shitty gender stereotyping. The poster taps into the age old piece of wit that women think their heads, men with their loins, and from the look of the trailer, the film follows much the same premise. Hence it’s okay for men to be immature perverts but women should know better. The “comedy” part of “rom com” is oft investment in jokes revolving around how funny men acting like immature perverts are, but then annoyingly, how whiny and boring the women are by comparison. Ugh! Let’s have a bit of an ugly truth here – we are all capable of acting with inspiration from both. Or is the thought of thinking from a vagina just too hardcore for people to handle?


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