Flesh-Coloured Fishnets. A New Kinda Cover-up

I was never one for those flesh-coloured tights, more a bare-legs or breeches kinda gal. They remind me all too strongly of old lady legs. If you’re going to get the pins out, why add the retiring home sheen?


Nor, since the age of 14, have I been a fan of black fishnets. They are not really about looking fashionable, but fuckable, and what a tragic sartorial aim. Inevitably, it is never quite pulled off to the desired effect. Not even Britney could in her “Gimme More” video.

Britney Gimme More

But weirdly, the love-child of the two is a little sex-pot. With the desire to channel yet another GaGa look having seen (a photo of) her in some recently, I got my mitts on a pair and discovered that the mix of demure-to-the-point-of-distasteful and sexual-to-the-point-of-distasteful was just right.

Lady Gaga Legs


And who’d of thought that such a garment with so much fresh air between the strands could conceal so many a legly sin? (Self-tan tide lines, scars, not to mention whisps of womanly leg hair…) But perhaps its the season’s trend of the colour nude (on clothing, not bare flesh; no birthday suits, please) that made these such a satisfying summer buy. Roll on winter, my money’s on that these beauties also magically keep your legs warm as well….

Gaga Nude Skirt



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